Welcome to Sapporo Bankei Winery!!

Bankei Winery Location

Hokkaido is the northern part of Japan and because of the dry and cold climate , it is famous for many fruits such as grape, apple, raspberry and haskap.


 Bankei Winery established 2001 in the heart of Sapporo as a first small-scale agralian winery in the city.


 The founder, Dr.Shuji Tamura is an expert of international development as well as an ex-professor of Hokkaido University.


 Bankei Winery makes best use of local raw materials and keeps fresh tastes as much as possible, thus, no additives included in their products.


 Every weekend the winery is open, and visitors can enjoy wine tasting and have light meal at our terrace.


 The terrace is specially wonderful during the winter surrounded by full of snow and we can see the grape yard covered by snow white.


You can take "Bankei Bus" from the subway station "Maruyama-Koen",

and get off the bus at "Shingakusha -----


 The red loof on the top of the path is Bankei Winery.

 Other way is simply ask taxi to "Bankei Winery" from JR Sapporo Station, it takes 15 minutes only but costful

 International visitors are welcome at the winery in English, French, and Chinese.

     Tel and Fax: +81-11-618-0522

      E-mail :bankeiwine@k5.dion.ne.jp

About Bankei Winery

The role of our winery is to create value added to natural products such as fruits and wild vegetables.


 We have already fermented many wines from grapes, apples, cherry, haskaps,and even water melon!


 Thus we are interested in many foreign fruits in Asia about what kind of wine can come out, and how we can enjoy such wine.


 We also accept entrusted wine making from grapes produced in other places.

Products List


 apple juice, haskap juice, grape juice.



 red wine, white wine , rose wine. cidle wine, haskap wine, ruspberry wine.



 wheat and rye bread from Hokkaido grown can be used.



fresh milk produced in Sapporo used to ferment hand made cheese,time to time.